Pressure vessel steel plate

Pressure vessel steel plate

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Steel Name: Pressure vessel steel plate,Boiler steel plate

Main steel grades: P265GH,P355GH,16Mo3,15Mo3,A204 Grade A,A285 Grade C,SA299 Grade A,SA387,A516 Grade 70,A537 Class 1,SPV355,Q345R.

Steel standard: EN 10028,DIN 17155,ASME,ASTM,JIS,GB713,GB3531

Main application:Boiler steel plates are used to build boilers and pressure vessels such as petroleum, chemical industry, power plants.

Rolling range: Thickness*Width*Length  6-450mm*1500-4200mm*5000-18000mm

Surface Treatment: Hot rolled and Coated

Test: Ultrasonic examination,Normalized,Quenched and Tempered,NACE,HIC,SSCC and Third party inspections by end user.

Supply Ability: 20000 Tons per month

Pressure vessel steel plate is a special steel used to manufacture pressure vessels. Because pressure vessels are subjected to high pressures when storing or transporting gases, liquids or other fluids, high performance and reliability requirements are placed on the materials.

Characteristics and requirements of pressure vessel steel plates:

Strength and Toughness: Pressure vessel steel plates need to have sufficient strength to resist internal pressure, but also good toughness to avoid brittle fracture.

Corrosion resistance: Pressure vessels are often exposed to different environmental conditions and media, so the steel plate needs to have corrosion resistance to ensure the long-term service life of the vessel.

Weldability: Pressure vessels usually need to be manufactured by welding, so the steel plate should have good weldability to ensure the quality and strength of the weld.

Plate thickness and size: Pressure vessel steel plates are available in different thicknesses and sizes according to the design requirements of the vessel.

Standards and certification: Pressure vessel steel plates should comply with relevant standards and specifications, such as international standards (such as EN 10028, ASME SA-516, etc.) or national standards, to ensure product quality and performance. In addition, the production and suppliers of pressure vessel steel plates usually need to obtain corresponding certification, such as ISO 9001 quality management system certification.

According to specific application needs and engineering requirements, different types and specifications of pressure vessel steel plates are available. Choosing the right pressure vessel steel plate is an important factor to ensure the safe operation of the vessel and meet the engineering requirements. When choosing, it is recommended to refer to relevant standards and specifications, and consult professional engineers or material experts for advice.

All steel grades for boiler steel plates we can offer as follows:



















DIN 17155









A203/A203M  SA203/SA203M

A203 Grade E,A203 Grade F,A203 Grade D,A203 Grade B,A203 Grade A

SA203 Grade E,SA203 Grade F,SA203 Grade D,SA203 Grade B,SA203 Grade A

A204/A204M  SA204/SA204M

A204 Grade A,A204 Grade B,A204 Grade C

SA204 Grade A,SA204 Grade B,SA204 Grade C

A285/A285M    A285 Grade A,A285 Grade B,A285 Grade C

SA285/SA285M  SA285 Grade A,SA285 Grade B,SA285 Grade C

A299/A299M    A299 Grade A,A299 Grade B

SA299/SA299M  SA299 Grade A,SA299 Grade B

A302/A302M  SA302/SA302M

A302 Grade A,A302 Grade B,A302 Grade C,A302 Grade D

SA302 Grade A,SA302 Grade B,SA302 Grade C,SA302 Grade D

A387/A387M  SA387/SA387M





A455/A455M  A455, SA455/SA455M  SA455

A515/A515M  SA515/SA515M

A515 Grade 60,A515 Grade 65,A515 Grade 70

SA515 Grade 60,SA515 Grade 65,SA515 Grade 70

A516/A516M  SA516/SA516M

A516 Grade 55,A516 Grade 60,A516 Grade 65,A516 Grade 70

SA516 Grade 55,SA516 Grade 60,SA516 Grade 65,SA516 Grade 70

A533/A533M  SA533/SA533M

A533GrA CL1/CL2/CL3,A533GrB CL1/CL2/CL3,

A533GrC CL1/CL2/CL3,A533GrD CL1/CL2/CL3

SA533GrA CL1/CL2/CL3,SA533GrB CL1/CL2/CL3,

SA533GrC CL1/CL2/CL3,SA533GrD CL1/CL2/CL3

A537/A537M  A537CL1,A537CL2,A537CL3

SA537/SA537M SA537CL1,A537CL2,A537CL3













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